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How Do I Get Free PSN (Playstation Network) Codes?
To get FREE PSN Codes you must use one of the websites below, where you complete free questionnaires and survey questions in return for points. When you have enough points, request the PSN Codes you want and they will buy the code from Amazon and send it to your email address, all for FREE. 

What Type of PSN Codes Can I Get?
You can get all types of Playstation Network Codes, including $10 PSN Codes, $20 PSN Codes, and $50 PSN Codes. If you don't see the one you want, or if you find another value card just send them a product link via a custom order form and they will buy it for you.

What Websites Must I Use To Get Free PSN Codes?
Below is a list of the top 3 websites where you can get Free PSN Codes. They are listed in order of their speed, convenience, reliability, ease of use, and support ... Points2ShopRewards1, and PrizeRebel. To sign up, learn more, and to get answers to questions, you must visit the official guides for each website.

How Do I Get Started?
STEP 1: Choose any of the sites below (you may use all 3, I do).
STEP 2: Visit it's official guide and sign up for FREE.
STEP 3: Please share this guide to keep it relevant: Share 

To get your points sign up with one of the websites below.

To learn more about Points2Shop and to sign up and get started on getting your Free PSN Codes, visit The Official Points2Shop Guide
To learn more about Rewards1 and to sign up and get started on getting your Free PSN Codes, visit The Official Rewards1 Guide. 
To learn more about PrizeRebel and to sign up and get started on getting your Free PSN Codes, visit The Official PrizeRebel Guide

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If you have questions or concerns, leave a comment on the Official Guide for each website and your comment will be answered very quickly. Thanks for reading.